The Speakeasy™ Method

Developed for ambitious international professionals who want to quickly improve their spoken English at work.

Combined with specially designed business materials, the Speakeasy™ Method builds your speaking skills for work-related meetings and conversations. See how Speakeasy™ focuses on the soft skills of speaking.

Benefits of the Speakeasy™ method

Faster learning and improved long-term retention

You learn English three times faster with the Speakeasy™ Method than with traditional methods. The method has been proven to improve long-term learning, so it’s ideal for improving your ability to contribute and collaborate with others in English.

"...three weeks ago I didn’t have the confidence to speak in English. Yesterday I presented to a group of 40 people..."

Valentina Costa,

Key soft skills of communication

The Speakeasy™ Method focuses on the three key soft skills of communication: active listening, summarising, and discussion. Combined with materials specifically chosen as relevant to business, it builds your speaking skills for work-related meetings, discussions, and conversations

"...Matthew taught me how to manage meetings in English. I now speak English every day!..."

Cristina Morales, Maersk

New vocabulary and expressions for enhanced learning

Traditional English classes talk about the weather, family, or vacations, and students simply revise their existing knowledge. In contrast, the Speakeasy™ Method videos introduce new vocabulary and expressions to expand and improve your ability in every class.

"...he helped me speak confidently with people from other departments by using business language they understand..."

Matteo Rizzo, ARM

Instant feedback loop for continuous improvement

At the intermediate English level and above, grammar rules are difficult to follow in fast-paced conversations. So the Speakeasy™ Method incorporates an instant feedback loop to ensure that you are continuously improving. You receive immediate guidance on how to improve your spoken English and achieve your language goals.

"...the immediate teacher feedback helped me improve my speaking skills quickly..."

Laura Schneider,

Speak English confidently with a mistake-friendly environment

Speakeasy™ encourages you to speak English as much as possible, even if you make mistakes. In fact, the more mistakes you make, the more I help, and the more you learn. This builds your confidence in using English and develops your competence.

"...the environment that welcomes mistakes made all the difference..."

Javier Rodriguez, Chubb

Short daily videos for better understanding

Speakeasy™ stands out with its brief daily videos designed to enhance your active listening skills. These videos, featuring diverse content, introduce new words and phrases to improve your vocabulary. By providing content for summarization, they ensure lively and engaging conversations. I also watch the videos before your meeting. This means I know what you are wanting to say so I guide your summarizing.

"... [Matthew] sends me interesting daily videos and correct my English immediately. I love the Speakeasy..."

Luca Gatto, Broadcom

How I guide you through your Speakeasy™ session

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